Conscious Comadre

comadre f (plural comadres)

  1. midwife
  2. The godmother of one’s child.
  3. The mother of one’s godchild.
  4. A very dear and honored friend.

I am Cecy. Born and raised in LA, of Mexican roots, Immigrant parents. I have been busy in the hamster wheel of life with four wonderful children ages 25, 21, 15 and 13.

My career as an independent mortgage lender for the past 13 years and a decade alone with my friends at ML Mortgage Corp, has brought our family real estate business success in a very powerful and humble manner.

As lover of travel, taste, culture and hosting, I have a real passion for making every moment count. My journey as a “working mom” propelled me into creating miracles in the kitchen where I was able bring my loved ones together, while I bribed them with comfort food. I managed to reconnect with them while introducing them to the concept of self care and demonstrating the importance of a healthy mind, body and Spirit.

My intention is to be of service by gently introducing a more mindful approach to balance your days and to look after you in the subject of finance, real estate and building generational wealth. One that blends with your way of living a more fulfilling, abundant and peaceful life.

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