Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. 
― Unknown

Conscious Comadre was launched in 2020 with the intention of becoming a resource, support and safe space for like minded individuals aspiring to become the best version of themselves and truly live life intentionally. We launched a travel agency purely out of passion and with the intention inspire people venture out, that it is beautiful to witness the greatness of Mother Earth and humankindness. Travel creates space from the norm and allows for a sense of gratitude. Return refreshed and with a brand new scope on Life.

A change in lattitude would help my attitude.

CC Travel Design is a travel agency that specializes in providing unique and customized travel experiences that bring families together, ignite cultural discovery, and promote the realization of different perspectives and appreciation in life.

My passion is focused in three areas of travel: culinary, wellness and entertainment travel.

Can you imagine not having to worry about food sensitivity because your meals have been meticulously planned to be the cleanest and most nourishing options for you and your specific preference?

What about finally taking that much-needed solo trip that you know your soul desires? Self care is not selfish.

Then there’s the ability to witness a music concert, festival, sport or other event while exploring a whole new place?

I specialize in creating memorable, personalized itineraries that cater to the individual desires, needs and interests of each traveler, near or far.