Ascension, Where are You?

Why am I here? What is the point and what is my purpose?

At one point, and in most people’s eyes, I had it all figured out- in family, business and health, but in fact- I felt unfulfilled, lost, unmotivated and very irritable. I thought it might be hormones and it wasn’t, moved on to weight training and health and that catapulted me into finding my “Why”

I have spent nearly five years in the research and practice of Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Energy Work, Sound Therapy, Herbal Medicine and many more modalities. My deepest change has been in my relationship with food and nutrition. I have tried, succeeded and failed at more than one, but I have learned what works for me.

My adventures in Spirituality have led me to a more meaningful and intentional way to live. I did not need to look outside of me for the answers and neither do you. Together and at any step of your transformation we can prepare you for your next best self.

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All offered services are to be considered coaching and not therapy.

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