Conscious Parenting

Each of my four children received a different version of me as a “Mom”. Influenced by an array of ideas, advice, doctors, books, girlfriends, relatives, the web and now social media on top of it.

Inner guidance and intuition helped but I made some regrettable mistakes- sadly, most were preventable. I could have done better, been a little gentler, had my priorities more aligned, been more aware. This is where my 26 years of experience can assist you in showing up as the best version of yourself for your family.

It was not until I began to comb through my own childhood that I found traumas and other factors that I was unknowingly bringing into my kids’ experiences. The results were eye opening and life changing.

Conscious Parenting Sessions Include

  • Identification of gaps in communication.
  • Emotional recognition and proper conflict resolution.
  • Boundary discovery.
  • Self-discipline and self-compassion strategies to assist in accountability.
  • Discovery of existing emotional blocks preventing you from being the best version of you as a parent.

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